Verizon Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Mario from and welcome to the Verizon cellphone battery section. If you're looking for a particular Verizon cellphone battery you are in the right section. Don't be alarmed that we do carry hundreds and literally hundreds of different cellphone accessories. We have over 20,000 different accessories in our inventory and we carry accessories for more than a thousand different phones. If you're looking for a particular model all you have to do is actually know what the phone model is - that is the best way for us, the geeks, to help you find the perfect accessories for your cellphone. If you don't know what your model there are three different ways to find out, one of them being look at the box that your phone came in with - that is the easiest way to find out. The second one is actually looking at your phone and compare it to the pictures that we have on the site. And the third and my most preferred way of finding whatever your cellphone model is to actually take out the battery and look at the label underneath there. It should say whatever your cellphone model is that you have. As soon as you find out what your cellphone model is it's really easy to find accessories in our site after that. Because let's say you're looking for a Verizon cellphone battery over here and you're looking for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. Assume that you don't see this over here, all you've got to do is just - using the search function, Ctrl F, or you can always use the drop down over here. As soon as you find it click on it and you'll be greeted with batteries. We have a lot of different batteries. We have standard batteries - these are just the replacement. We also sell the replacement doors and sometimes we also have the extended batteries which are a little bit thicker than the normal ones but they add the actual talk time to your phone. So let's get back to the Verizon batteries over here. So we're back at the main section for Verizon cellphone batteries. Oh, I think I went too far. So if you're looking for any type of Verizon cellphone batteries make sure you go check it out at If you have any more questions or concerns regarding Verizon cellphone batteries make sure you go call us at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or contact us through email, Facebook, or LiveChat and our hours are from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm Pacific time because we're in California. This is Mario you got it from a geek!111007 Verizon Batteries