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Get a Nexus S screen protector to keep that beautiful curved glass screen perfect! We have the Nexus S screen protectors that keep almost any scratch off your phone. Shop Google Nexus S screen protector today and get free shipping from Accessory Geeks!One of the defining design elements of the Google Nexus S is the curved glass that covers the brilliant Super AMOLED display. This design cue was taken to add to the ergonomics of the phone, allowing you to hold it to your face and reduce potential contact. In addition, it just looks cool as it is the only phone with this defining characteristic. To ensure that no blemishes arise, grab a Nexus S screen protector. We have the best selection of Nexus S screen protectors, with different products for different needs. For starters, we have the standard Premium Google Nexus S screen protector. This provides excellent protection, while not compromising the clarity of the display. For those who want something a bit more unique, we have the Mirror effect Nexus S screen protector. This allows you to utilize your phone as a pocket mirror when the screen is off. When the screen is on, everything remains legible. Finally we have an anti glare Google Nexus S screen protector. This accessory allows for improved screen readability when outdoors and also cuts down overhead light glare. All these Nexus S screen protectors provide excellent protection. The decision is yours, as each type of Nexus S screen protector provides a different added function. Even though Samsung equipped the device with Gorilla glass, a Nexus S screen protector is a fantastic insurance policy. All Nexus S screen protector options are easily applicable, with step by step instructions available on our youtube channel, thegeekshere. Shop all our Nexus S screen protectors today and get free shipping on your order! T-Mobile G2X Hard Cases Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is Mario from and welcome to the T-Mobile G2X Plastic Case section. We also usually call it a plastic case a cover because it is made out of hard plastic and it covers around ¾ of your entire body on the phone, minus the screen of course. So what do I like about the plastic case section. Plastic case section are usually filled with variety of covers for your phone like for example for this T-Mobile G2X Plastic Case section you will see we have plenty of different types of cases like from LUXMO. We have the Bling cases over here and we also have the regular transparent cases or covers. We also have other brand like Tridents. I will show you right here these are the Tridents these are the talons. Tridents are one of the best cases that we have on our site and as you can see have a lot of selections. But why do you need a case? Why do you need a cover your phone? Well obviously it is to protect your phone. You spend on like $500 on your phone for example and you buy $15 worth of cover and then whenever it falls it actually hurts your cover but not your phone. You know $15 investment comparing to your $500 phone it is not so much and on top of that you can actually buy more than one T-Mobile G2X plastic cases so you can always change it around everyday. Think of it as clothes for your phone. And to tell you about a little bit more about the different types like mentioned before these are the bling cases. These are the transparent covers and we also have the regular, you know plastic covers with designs like plaid, ladybugs, stars and zebra that some interesting mix and we also have skulls and plenty of other choices. We also have like the single colored ones if you are not -- if you don't want anything to fancy but you want to protect your phone and keep in mind that these solid color ones are engravable. We do have an engraving service available. Well this is Mario from please remember to cover your phones.

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