Samsung Galaxy S4 Headphones

Hi party people, and my non-party people! It’s the geeks here with to bring to you today, the accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4 headphones. In this section, you will find a whole bunch of Galaxy S4 headphones, which you might also see be called, Galaxy S4 earphones, Galaxy S4 earbuds, Galaxy S4 headsets. This industry has so many different names for them, don't ask me why. The difference between them is that headphones will NOT have an answer/end button not a mic to talk into. Headphones are strictly to listen to music and movies on and you will not be able to switch over to a call if one happens to come in while watching your Netflix or listening to your Spotify or Pandora (unless you get a headset adapter with a mic which we do carry!). Galaxy S4 Headsets, however, you will be able to do just that. You can listen to your music and/or movies and if a call happens to come through, you can answer (or reject the call depending on who’s calling). This makes life a little more convenient. We carry both stereo headsets and mono earbud styles, but now a days, manufacturers are mainly making stereo headsets (both earbuds). Older models are usually just mono earbud style. I guess while you’re driving, you can just remove one. Most of them have a clip to clip onto your shirt to have the mic closer to your mouth so the caller can hear you more clearly and the answer/end button should be fairly close to the mic. The Galaxy S4 Headphones are more ideal for mp3 players, ipods, and tablets since you won’t be able to switch between calls, but they will both be grouped together in this section. Guess what?! We also carry Galaxy S4 headphone adapters. The older headsets or earbuds, have a 2.5mm headphone jack which will not fit your Galaxy S4 3.5mm headphone jack. But, let's say you just REALLY like your 2.5mm headset (maybe with a mono earbud) that you used to use with your older phone. Well, we have the solution! We carry adapters for situations like this for you to be able to use your old 2.5mm headset with your 3.5mm headphone jack Galaxy S4. I'm telling you, we carry it all! I think, and remember I am a geek, that it would be a wise investment to purchase a $5-$10 headset as opposed to taking the risk and possibly getting fined a fat ticket of $200+. My motto is “I’d rather be safe than sorry!” Now if you’re with me on this, purchase a headset today (and maybe one for your reckless friend) and tell them to thank you later. Oh yeah and also remind them that they....GOT IT FROM A GEEK!


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Headphone Feature
  1. Adapter (8)
  2. Cord Organizer (1)
  3. Stereo (8)
  4. Wired (9)
Product Design
  1. ANIMAL (5)
  2. CHARACTER (1)
  3. DESIGN (2)
  4. MULTI-SOLID (18)
  5. SOLID (30)
  6. SPORTS (3)
Product Headset Type
  1. HEAD-2.5MM-ADAPTER (1)
  2. HEAD-3.5MM (51)
  3. HEAD-3.5MM-ADAPTER (2)
  1. Clearance (2)
  2. More colors (2)
  1. $0.00 - $9.99 (42)
  2. $10.00 - $19.99 (24)
  3. $20.00 - $29.99 (6)
  4. $30.00 - $39.99 (3)
  5. $40.00 and above (2)
Product Color
  1. BLACK (3)
  2. GRAY (1)
  3. GREEN (1)
  4. HOT PINK (1)
  5. ORANGE (1)
  6. WHITE (1)
  7. YELLOW (1)
  1. 3ft (2)
  2. 6ft (1)
Product OEM
  1. CELLET (5)
  2. DCI (5)
  3. FYDELITY (1)
  4. GOGROOVE (1)
  5. HELLO KITTY (2)
  6. HTC (1)
  7. IHIP (7)
  8. ILUV (1)
  9. JUICY BUDZ (3)
  10. JVC (2)
  11. KIKKERLAND (1)
  12. KINYO (2)
  13. LUXMO (3)
  14. MARVEL (2)
  15. MOBI (1)
  16. NATIVE UNION (1)
  17. NFL (2)
  18. ORIGAUDIO (6)
  19. PASTRY (1)
  20. THUMBS UP! (1)
  21. URBANEARS (1)
  22. XTREME (1)