Samsung Galaxy S4 Hard Cases

Hey guys we are the Geeks here at, and I'm here to tell you about our huge selection of Samsung Galaxy S4 hard cases. Everything defined in this section will be made out of ABS protective plastic or have a hard plastic shell on the outside which is a higher protective grade of plastic. Some of the cases in this section may have a dual layer silicone case underneath the plastic shell case which is for added protection. Hard plastic cases for the Galaxy S4 are usually a two-piece snap on case cover; one piece to protect the back of the Samsung galaxy S4 smart phone and one piece to protect the front of the phone. Some of the plastic cases are designed as just a back piece cover for those of you who like to keep your phone slim and slender. We also carry hybrid cases that may have a fusion of rubber silicone with a hard shell back case. These are usually a one-piece case that is fairly easy to install on the Galaxy S4 and remove. Some of our other cases offer functionalities such as: ID slot holder, wallet case, charging case, kickstand, Galaxy S–View feature, and even cases that light up (also known as NFC lighting!). Will generally find a wider variety of designs and colors available in the plastic and they will for the most part protect your phone from scratches and abrasions when you're Samsung Galaxy S4 is dropped, however, plastic cases will tend to crack or break upon impact, but compared to be expensive Samsung Galaxy S4, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing the case because you can always get another one here at! Take advantage of our free standard shipping within the U.S. and Canada and get your case (or CASES) today! Happy shopping fellow geeks and remember you GOT IT FROM A GEEK!


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