Samsung Galaxy S4 Data/HDMI Cables

Hi all you beautiful people! I know you missed us and the geeks here at are back and ready to provide you with another awesome buyer's guide for data cables, HDMI cables, and adapters for the Samsung Galaxy S4. When you think of data cables, you might think that you don't have too many options as to the length or color, but you couldn't be more wrong! Here at we have the unthinkable, unimaginable colored data cables and even offer different lengths of cables for the Galaxy S4!! I know, we're crazy, right?? Who says geeks can't be bad and break out of the "norm"? We can be wild, too! The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a micro USB connector so any cable regardless of the brand will work to charge the Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone. In this section, you will also find auxiliary cables available in different colors, USB adapters, USB Hubs, and even cables to connect to your phone to your TV. We carry OEM Samsung brands so you can trust the quality on our products and can pinky swear that they are authentic and not counterfeit products like the ones you may have unfortunately bought off of an Amazon seller from China. Be aware!! Do not fear, you can trust us geeks here at! I think we've got you covered for every Galaxy S4 data cable you can think of, but if we happen to be missing something, our geeks are on standby to hear you out. As you can see, we have Galaxy S4 USB cables ranging anywhere from sale prices of just $3.99 and up. Our prices are kind of hard to beat, especially with our free shipping so take advantage of us today! Do it!!!!!!! ..and remember, you GOT IT FROM A GEEK!

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  3. $90.00 and above (1)
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  1. BLACK (8)
  2. BLUE (2)
  3. GREEN (1)
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  1. Lightning Compatible (1)
  2. USB 2.0 (17)
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  3. MOTOROLA (1)
  4. PUREGEAR (1)
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