Samsung Galaxy S4 Batteries

Hey hey hey! Today’s a wonderful day here at and, you guessed it, it’s the geeks here with your latest buyer’s guide for the Samsung Galaxy S4 batteries. I know a lot of us are always busy and on the go, whether we’re going to work or school or to Comic-Con (don’t judge us), but with all the apps that are available these days and picture/video taking on our Galaxy S smart phones, it drains our Galaxy S4 batteries so quickly, am I right?! If only there was a simple solution to this problem...OH WAIT, BUT THERE IS! The simple answer would be to purchase an extra spare Galaxy S4 battery!! Keep them charged with a spare battery charger, and stow away as back-up! Brilliant, I know. We carry original Samsung batteries or aftermarket (no brand) batteries that will work just the same (but may have a lower mAh rating). If you tend to lose these little suckers quickly because they’re so thin and small, then we have another alternative for you. We have a battery charging case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is a little better in my opinion than a Galaxy S4 extended battery! These bad boys are awesome because they double as a protective case for your Galaxy S4 while acting as a portable charger when your phone runs out of juice. You just charge the device separately overnight and when you wake up, it’s ready to go! If you travel a lot, we also have something for you, too. Portable charging banks are a great way to keep not only your Samsung Galaxy S4 charged, but your other devices as well (like tablets and iPads). I hope we didn’t leave anybody out...ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! I’ll let you guys get to shopping now...but remember, you GOT IT FROM A GEEK!

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