Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hard Cases

Hey! It's the Geeks here with bringing you the buyer's guide for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active silicone skins today! I'm excited, aren't you?? Oh, by the way, when I say skin I mean rubber. Oh, and when I say rubber, I mean rubber silicone cases. C'mon guys, get your mind out of the gutter! Lost my train of thought now, but let us begin. Silicone cases are a great option if you're looking for a protective case that is very easy to install on your S4 Active. Unlike hard plastic cases, these cases will not crack or break when dropped on the floor or hard surfaces. In addition, it will give it some shock-absorbent protection to absorb some of the impact and will do less damage to the inside and outside of your expensive Galaxy S4 Active smart phone. Some down sides or cons that I've personally experienced is that due to its rubbery outer texture, it tends to cling onto things like dust and it especially loves the fabric from the inside of my pocket! Some pros: form fitting to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active case, but still easy to take on and off of the S4 Active if you need to access the battery or simply want to switch phone covers, it's rubbery texture comes in handy by providing better grip (anti-slip) and not allowing the phone to slide all over smooth surfaces and will not break when dropped on the phone. Obviously, there are much more pros than cons and is really up to you. There are also 2 types of silicone cases we carry for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active which are the regular rubber silicone cases, and the other kind which we call, crystal TPU silicone cases that are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. I'm not a chemist or science major at all, and don't know how this material is made or where it comes from, but I love it! It has a nice sleek slim design with a glossy shiny finish and keeps the already slim Samsung Galaxy S4 Active nice and slim and doesn't turn my pocket inside out! Love that! That is a great alternative to a plastic case if you need better grip and a case that is easy to remove that is nice and simple if you possibly have to switch your battery out or like to switch out cases often. So there you have it. I hope I've made it easy for you to decide. You can thank me later but always remember you GOT IT FROM A GEEK!

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