Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Data/HDMI Cables

Hey! We are the Geeks here with and we have another special buyer's guide for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active USB Data Cables and HDMI Cables section. In this section, you'll find all types of USB data cables and auxiliary cables for your Galaxy S4 Active. Your phone has a micro USB connector and any cable with USB to Micro USB ends will work for your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone. As a matter of fact, it will fit ANY Samsung Galaxy model or any other phone that has a micro USB connector! Thank goodness the manufacturers made that all the same because these days with all the similar phone model names and phone sizes can get a bit tricky when purchasing accessories, right? Anyway where were we? Oh yes, we also have different vibrant colored data cables, if you're just sick and tired of the plain black data cables, or if you just want to be able to tell it apart from your friend's or co-worker's or maybe you just want to be able to find it easily among all your things in your purse or backpack. Lord knows that's happened to me. I can't find anything in my big ol' purse! If you thought we were done, you are far from wrong. We carry adapters and converters to change (for example) your old iPhone charger to work for your new Samsung phone and Y-Adapter splitters to charge 2 devices at once if you are limited on AC outlets. We also have different length data cables starting from your standard 3 ft. cables all the way to 6 ft. long cables!! For those of you thinking, "Who needs a 6ft. data cable?" you would be quite surprised. I, personally, use one because at night I like to lay down and be on my phone and the 3ft. cable is just too short for me to reach from the outlet to my bed, so the 6" cable works perfectly! Or maybe you just went on a trip or something and lost just the data cable part or need an extra for the office, we got you covered here at and we even offer FREE standard shipping, so take a look, happy shopping, and remember you...GOT IT FROM A GEEK!

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