Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Chargers

Hey guys, I'm doing great, thanks for asking! Just kidding, hope everyone's having a great day so far. Looks like you've stumbled onto the buyer's guide for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Chargers. I will assume that you are looking for Galaxy S4 Active chargers? (Just a wild guess). If so, I can definitely help! Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active smart phone has a micro USB connector, so any charger or data cable with a micro USB connector will fit your phone! Just a little tip in case you come across a really inexpensive cable or charger that's made by a different company like Blackberry, LG, or Motorola; that's just the company it's made by, however, as long as it has a micro USB connector, I can assure you it will fit your Galaxy S4 Active. If not, I will pay for your charger! There is a difference between the mini USB and micro USB so please make sure the charger you are buying has the micro USB connector. Most likely it is, but older phone models do have the mini USB connector. Have I confused you enough? Sorry about that. Sometimes, I'm full of all this knowledge that I want to share and I try to make it clear, but it just ends up sounding messy! I hope I've made it clear that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active will only take the micro USB connector. We carry all different types of chargers like just the wall or car charger adapters, charge & data cable combo, retractable chargers, portable charging banks, emergency chargers, charging cases, and even solar chargers that don't require an outlet! I should also inform you that all of our chargers have a special chip built inside that will stop charging your phone once it's full so it doesn't over heat your phone. Most chargers will charge your phone at the same speed as the original charger or some are special and are rapid chargers to charge it FASTER than normal for those of us who are always on the go. Fast chargers are a huge commodity nowadays because time is money and there's no time to waste!! We carry brand names to non-branded chargers that really work just the same. Everyone needs an extra charger, let's face it. It just makes life much easier!! It would be so annoying if you had to carry the one charger you have from home to work to school, etc. just to keep your phone charged. I know the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active battery life doesn't last ALL day either. Not with all the candy crush we're playing these days. So grab yourself an extra charger, and make your life a little easier!! Remember you GOT IT FROM A GEEK!

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