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Pick up Pantech Crossover screen protectors to keep your screen free of pesky scratches! Cell phones are an important belonging to scores of people, yet cell phones are the most abused. This is because cell phones are used throughout the day, and this is why you should purchase the Pantech Crossover screen protectors at AccessoryGeeks. You might think that your cover is enough to save your cell phone, but without a Pantech Crossover screen protector, the rest of your phone will be safe except for your screen, which is the part you are viewing the most.Having trouble deciding the type of Pantech Crossover Screen Protectors to get? Watch the Youtube Video below Hi guys, this is Mario from and welcome to Pantech Crossover screen protector section. As the name implies the screen protector is used to protect the screen of your phone. You spend like a lot of money on the Pantech Crossover and you want to make sure that you want to protect the screen so it's doesn't get scratched or whenever you drop it it's not going to get hurt that much. Unfortunately right now we don't have any Pantech Crossover screen protectors that' are pre-cut to fit your screen but we do have the universal ones like over here. They all work the same exact way but the only difference with the universal ones are you have to actually cut them to fit the screen. But since the screen is relatively easy to follow the shape so you can actually just cut it and it will fit the Pantech Crossover screen. Over here we have the universal privacy screen protector. The purpose of having this is so that people to the left and the right of you cannot peek onto your screen to see whatever you're doing. This one over here, as the name implies, is anti-fingerprint. You won't have those greasy fingerprints on your screen after you put this on. Also these ones, these are just the regular Premium screen protectors and this one comes in three packs so if you mess up you can always have two other ones. Or if you're really good at installing screen protectors you can give the other two to your family members of your friends. But if you're looking for a Pantech screen protector, a Pantech Crossover screen protector, make sure you check back at This is Mario You got it from a geek! Pantech Crossover Accessories

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