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Purchase a Droid Bionic screen protector to keep your screen damage free. It is not uncommon to accrue many scratches on the face of your cell phone. It is tragic though when you realize that the face of the cell phone is the screen. The screen is your portal to all that is within your cell phone. Not to get mythical on you, but a Motorola Droid Bionic screen protector is like the guardian of this sacred portal. Without it, your screen will meet certain death (or at least unsightly scratches and scuff marks).Motorola Droid Bionic Screen Protector Find the guardian of your screen (aka a Motorola Droid Bionic screen protector) at AccessoryGeeks! A Droid Bionic screen protector is a great investment that will help keep your screen looking and feeling brand new. The Geeks have found that in the lifetime of their phone (which is about a year or two…depending on whom you ask) they use anywhere from 4-10 screen protectors. Not only are they easy to put on and take off but they are affordable. The most common Droid Bionic screen protector is just a clear film that you apply to your phone. Once you’ve ironed out all of the bubbles from your Motorola Droid screen protector, you peel the last layer of the protective cover off and shazam! Your screen is not protected. Isn’t it amazing? A thin sheet of clear plastic can keep your screen safe. And as long as you’re not rough with it or you don’t spill on it, the Droid Bionic screen protectors last a few months. Once it gets a bit scratched up, you can see what you saved your phone from. We also carry a anti-fingerprint Droid Bionic screen protector that will help minimize the number of fingerprints you see on the screen. Another great find is the privacy screen protector. This Motorola Droid Bionic screen protector is great when the only eyes that you want to see your screen are yours. People who might be swoopin’ in from above your shoulder or looking over you while you sit, will not be able to see what is on your screen. If you use your phone for work purposes or have sensitive information that you view from your phone, this is the Droid Bionic screen protector you’ve been dreaming of. Droid Bionic Screen Protectors The Droid Bionic screen protector is a great way to keep your 4.3 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen in the best condition it’s ever been in. The Droid Bionic screen protectors do not inhibit the use of the awesome screen in any way. The film is thin enough that allows all sensors to respond normally but at the same time, offer a thick enough layer that will keep the screen safe. Don’t take our word for it though. Try it out for yourself. In a couple month’s time, you will be able to see a good amount of scratches and scuff marks (especially if you’re clumsy like this Geek) that are starting to build up on your Droid Bionic screen protector. Pick up your Motorola Droid Bionic screen protectors today and remember! You got it from A Geek! Droid Bionic Screen Protector Buyer's Guide Hey everybody. guide geek here one more time with, this time going over the Droid Bionic screen protectors we have available here on Accessory Geeks. We got a couple we will give you a look at today. First off is our Standard Droid Bionic Screen Protector in Clear. Basically, this is one high quality screen protector that is designed to fit for your phone so no cutting, no hassle like that. You just take it out, peel ‘em off, and put it right on the phone there and you got a nice protective layer there for your screen so nothing, no scratches or anything like that happens directly to the screen. And moving over here, we do have the Anti-Glare version, which is essentially the same concept, except for it's a little bit darker, not too much, but it means that because it's actually anti-glare, so basically, especially with the new smartphones nowadays and going out into the sun and public and all that stuff, the sun can cause a problem and it's hard to use your phone especially outside so this does a good job at preventing that glare and bouncing that sunlight back or that house light, whatever you want it to be, to help you make sure your screen is perfectly clear at all times. Moving on to some other Droid Bionic screen protectors, we have the Universal versions, which are always great for your phone if you don't mind a lot more for a little less and have a screen protector there that you can cut to size. So maybe there are certain parts you don't want it to cover that the cut-to-fit ones do. You're more than welcome to adjust it yourself. And we do have the Universal 3-Pack. We have the Anti-Fingerprint one, which obviously is smudge-proof, anti-fingerprint-proof there so if you -- obviously, we touch our screens so it's going to help prevent all those greasy oils that come off our fingers from getting on the phone itself. Again, another Anti-Fingerprint bundle we have there. Privacy is also great. It's just the same kind of concept as Anti-Glare, in a way. It's a little bit darker but if you turn it to the side, you can't see the screen, so it's kind of like bank tellers, how they've got computer screen that's or those little screens you put over, like, your monitors that nobody can see it unless it's you looking dead on so people can't, like, look over your shoulder and try to figure out what you're doing or stuff like that, you know, privacy. Of course, our phones are one of our most prized possessions and we do a lot of communicating and talking and there are some stuff we want to keep private so I understand that, if you're looking for something in that price range or zone there. And the last kind of concept we have here, we do have some Universal Stickers, but also, in the Screen Protectors Section is Screen Protective items for the Droid Bionic screen protectors, which is we have a Polish Scratch Remover which is great because it does a really good job of getting out scratches that are already on your phone, so we decided, hey, we'll put that in there with the Screen Protectors Section just in case you'd already maybe done something to your phone and you decided you needed a screen protector. Well, now, you've got something here that can help you fix or repair that and you can put a screen protector on top. And we do have another cleaner here with foaming cloth to make sure you can keep the screen clean. Especially for those of you who want to put a new screen protector on your phone, you can clean it off with this beforehand and make sure there is no lint or anything like that underneath before you put on your Droid Bionic screen protector. And that's what we have here. We got some, a lot of stuff available, and we're going to get new stuff in all the time, so feel free to check us out. And remember, you got it from a Geek.111104 Droid Bionic Screen Protectors

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