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Think you phone is strong enough to hold up against hard and rough concrete or what about on the inside of a woman’s purse? The Geeks have seen the outcome of unprotected phones against these two juggernauts. It is not a pretty site. Your phone needs a Droid Bionic hard case that will keep it safe even in the most unsuspecting places.Motorola Droid Bionic Hard cases The Droid Bionic hard case is all you need to keep your phone safe, even against the cold hard concrete or from the depths of a woman’s purse. Motorola Droid Bionic hard cases are made from a durable plastic called ABS plastic. When put up against materials, like concrete or keys, that would damage the outer shell of a phone that is unprotected, ABS plastic is always the winner. Although it may have scratches, the plastic holds up and keeps your phone safe inside. You have nothing to worry about. So the Droid Bionic hard case can withstand scratches but what about drops? The Geeks here have countless experiences where the hard case on our phones protected them during a drop. We will admit that sometimes the hard case does break, but even in these instances, it still protected the phone. Motorola Droid Bionic hard cases are strong and durable even against drops. There are a couple other things that Droid Bionic covers do for you. Although they are not 100% waterproof, they are water resistant. Now, this does not mean that you can dump your phone in a bucket of water and expect it to be ok. If water happens to splash your phone and it lands on the Droid Bionic hard case, it will not seep through and ruin your phone. Droid Bionic Covers The Geeks really like the Droid Bionic hard case because of the option with not only design but personalization. We offer custom engraving so that you can truly have the only case like that on the planet. At this point in time, there are about 7 billion people on the planet. Out of those 7 billion, you are the only one with personalized Droid Bionic covers. How shnazzy is that? Well, we think it’s pretty cool. The ABS plastic of the Droid Bionic covers is the perfect canvas to use a laser to engrave a special design. The solid colors of the Motorola Droid Bionic hard cases really make the designs pop and look very clean. So in the end, we offer Motorola Droid Bionic hard cases that provide durable protection, style, and personalization. The Droid Bionic hard case is really the accessory that can make or break you. Having spent a good amount on your phone, we think it is worth investing a couple more bucks so that your investment lasts for many more months to come. Pick up your Droid Bionic hard case today for great savings and free shipping and remember! You got it from A Geek! Motorola Bionic Hard Cases Buyer's Guide Hey there, Geeks and Geekettes. My name is guide geek with, and this time, I'm going over the Droid Bionic plastic cases. When it comes to Droid Bionic plastic cases, we have a lot available here. There are just the different types, and if you've been in our website before, it's definitely the same wide variety that we have for other phones. And as you can take a look in here and see, we have a lot, especially with this new phone model, so let's start with something simple here. Going, scrolling down, of course, what we have is we have our regular hard cases which, of course, are the smooth plastic cases that you normally see in stores or stuff like that. We have a lot of different designs available here. We try to keep a good variety of them available for you. We do have our rubberized hard cases, our rubberized plastic cases for the Droid Bionic which are basically a plastic case but it's got a very thin layer of silicone that's actually sprayed on to the phone. It's very neat in the fact that it makes your phone nonslip or more so, so -- less so is what I meant. But it will then basically allow you to maybe put it on a desk or something like that and if you accidentally bump it, it doesn't slide all the way off your table or your desk like that. I mean it definitely helps and it gives you the same protection as a plastic case. So that's definitely a good Droid Bionic plastic case to look at there. And you can see here we got a couple more designs, plaid patterns, zebra. Of course, we have our Bling cases, which I know a lot of people love, and we've got that with all the gems on there in different styles available. And going back up here, we got one more case that I wanted to talk about, and that would be the Incipio case. This Droid Bionic plastic case is really cool because it comes with a screen protector in the packet, which is great because it's very hard to find a decent case nowadays with a screen protector if you don't get a specialty case. And Incipio makes great cases. They are high quality plastic. High quality silicone is part of the plastic case so it is kind of like a dual piece there. It's kind of two separate pieces, in a way, but it's definitely great for shock protection, great for solid protection. It's not flimsy or anything like that so you got that solid feel in your hand, and it gives you all that nonslip and heavy duty protection that you'd be looking for for your phone. Especially with the biggest and best Droid phone out there right now, you definitely want to protect it as much as possible. So that is the Droid Bionic plastic cases. I hope you guys had a good time. And if you have any other questions, feel free to let us know. And remember, you got it from a geek.111104 Bionic Covers

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