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Take advantage of the sale on every Droid Bionic case today! The day couldn’t be better for you to pick out a Droid Bionic cover or two. Not only are the Droid Bionic cases on sale but we also offer free shipping. When you put those two together, it seems like a golden opportunity. Don’t miss out on your chance of savings. Watch this video to decide which types of Cell Phone Case fits you Droid Bionic Cover Tired of your phone getting scratched up? Frustrated that your previous phone ended up looking dull and old in a matter of a couple months? Well the Geeks have a solution to those problems; a Droid Bionic case. The Droid Bionic cover is the best solution to keeping your phone out of harm’s way. Droid Bionic cases are specifically designed with the Bionic phone in mind. The dimensions of the phone are 125.9 x 66.9 x 13.3 mm. Although it might not seem like that large of a space, the Droid Bionic has plenty of opportunities to become scratched and damaged throughout the day. A Droid Bionic case could be the only layer of protection your phone receives. And if that is the case, you’ll want to make sure that you have a quality case, now available at Droid Bionic Pouch The Geeks have also gathered the largest selection of the Droid Bionic pouch so that even if Droid Bionic cases aren’t your thing you can get some protection. The Droid Bionic pouch usually comes with a belt clip which makes them super handy when you are out and about. Not having to hold your phone and knowing where it is at all times makes life a little more convenient. The Droid Bionic pouch also comes in two different styles. You can choose from a horizontal or vertical style of Droid Bionic pouch. The Droid Bionic case is priced to sell. The Geeks here think that it is vital you keep your phone protected and out of the line of fire. Picking up a Droid Bionic cover is the simplest way to do that, aside from leaving the phone in the box and never using it. The Droid Bionic case does not prohibit any of the phones functionality. From within the Droid Bionic case you are still able to use all ports and buttons, as well as access the 4.3 inch touchscreen display. Functionality is very important when selecting a Droid Bionic case but what about looks? The Geeks have got you covered here too. The Droid Bionic cover for you is here. You might be looking for bright and fun or solid and straightforward. We have all of the colors of the rainbow ready to go with the click of a button. Find your Droid Bionic case today! Don’t let the daily bump and grind get the best of your phone! Pick up your Motorola Droid Bionic case today and remember! You got it from A Geek! Droid Bionic Cover Buyer's Guide Hey guys, guide geek here with, this time going over the Droid Bionic cases or the Droid Bionic specialty cases that I would like to say. We have a couple of them here. It is a newer phone so we're trying to get a little more for you. But we do have a good variety from a few manufacturers here in terms of Droid Bionic cases so let's take a look. The first one we have here is the Original Body Glove for the Motorola Droid Bionic. This is a popular model. Body Glove does a great job at providing a sturdy case that's got a very nice texture to it that's kind of like a rubberized, nonslip texture that's unique to Body Glove. And on the back here, you can see there is a clip there so that's great. Everyone wants a belt clip. It's removable so you don't have to keep it on there at all times. But it also can detach out and come down as a kickstand, which is great because a lot of the new phones nowadays have -- they need stuff for movies and stuff like that or if you don't want to have to hold it while you're watching something, it's great. It's a very good use of that there. That's a very good Droid Bionic case if you're looking for something simple but really good quality. And you can see here we have the Case-Mate cases which are also amazing. The first one here is the Tough Hard Rubberized Hard Case. So it's kind of a little redundant there, but they want you to know that this Droid Bionic case is a great case and it's going to be tough and rugged for you. Basically, a hard case and silicone mixed together in pieces there in certain areas so you can get that rubberized nonslip feel but you can also get that amazing plastic protection, and Case-Mate does a great job. And the Barely There Case, it's the same concept. It's very good protection, high quality plastic, just very, very thin. For those of you that don't really want any bulkiness or think that the phones are big enough, this Droid Bionic case is great because it gives you that protection and that ease of mind for protecting your phone but it doesn't make it too much heavier or not fit in your pocket or something like that. I'm going to skip this one. I'll go to the last one here. It's the Incipio Case, the Feather, which is essentially the same kind of concept as the Barely There Case, very thin but very, very good protection. And it comes with a screen protector in the case so that's also really good if you want to make sure you got the case and the front of the screen protected. I know people ask about screen protectors all the time so I'd definitely go with that if you're looking for a good Droid Bionic case. And finally, we have here, last but not least, I saved this for last because this is the Otterbox, the Defender Series Otterbox with Holster and Screen Protector. This is the go-to package here if you're looking for a complete and utter protection for your phone. Otterbox has always done a great job at protecting people's phones. It comes with a holster which a lot of people are a fan of. It is basically the Defender Series is a very thick plastic with a silicone basing on it. So basically, it allows very, very good shock protection and very good hard plastic protection so there is -- I mean if that hits the ground, nothing is going to happen to it. It's going to bounce off and skid. My father has one and he was riding his motorcycle and he had an Otterbox on and this wasn't even the Defender Series. And it fell out of his pocket and it skidded maybe about half a mile down the road, and he pulled over, picked it up, nothing. A couple of scratches on the case, absolutely nothing wrong with his phone. Picked it up, wiped it off, drove off. That's a true story. My dad told me that a couple of months ago and I was amazed because I've heard stories and I've seen things but I never thought it would actually happen to someone in my family. So if you're looking for something really reliable, I would definitely go with the Defender Series Case for the Droid Bionic. Otterbox, again, does a great job at protecting your phone. So that's pretty much the specialty cases or the Droid Bionic cases we have. Check back. We may have some more in the future that aren't listed here in this video. But remember, you got it from a Geek.111104 Droid Bionic Pouch

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