Motorola Atrix 4G Batteries

The battery Motorola Atrix needs to stay connected is here! The Geeks have brought on only the best Motorola Atrix batteries so that all of our loyal customers with the Atrix have a chance at the greatest. The battery Motorola Atrix comes standard with is 1930 mAh with an average talk time of about 7 hours. Motorola Atrix Battery So you want to surf the web, talk on the phone, listen to music, and drive? We don’t suggest doing all of that at once, however, you might be able to while you’re sitting on the park bench. But alas! Your battery dies! Ho ho! But that doesn’t upset you one bit because you are prepared. You, being the smart & organized person you are, picked up an extra Motorola Atrix battery from the Geeks weeks ago! Or maybe you didn’t? Being Geeks, we hate to be disconnected from the web. We all make sure we are fully charged or have an extra battery on hand when we go out. Yes, sounds ridiculous but most of us have been saved by it. We suggest that you too, pick up an extra battery Motorola Atrix needs to stay in touch. It is aggravating when you cannot make a phone call or check in at your destination because you have no juice left in you battery Motorola Atrix needs. If you don’t want to carry around an extra Motorola Atrix battery, you can try another one of the Motorola Atrix batteries. This is an extended Motorola Atrix battery. Compared to the regular battery Motorola Atrix comes with that is 1930 mAh, this one is 3500 mAh. This almost doubles the time that you can spend on Facebook, chatting, or looking up recipes for dinner. Not sure if you trust aftermarket Motorola Atrix batteries? Have no fear. The Geeks would never intentionally put bad products in your hands. Rest assured, these Motorola Atrix batteries have been hand tested by the Geeks here and have received the stamp of approval. Motorola Atrix Batteries Pick up your battery Motorola Atrix needs to power up the monster of a machine that it is! Find the best deals here at AccessoryGeeks and get even more savings on your Motorola Atrix battery when you visit our coupons page or follow us on Twitter! Thank you for taking care of all of your battery Motorola Atrix shopping with us and remember! You got it from A Geek!

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