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Pick up LG Xpression screen protectors to keep your screen free of pesky scratches! Once you scratch your LCD screen there is almost no going back. Your 3" diagonal screen has a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels, which is pretty awesome--don't screw it up! Cell phones are important to modern life, yet they are oftentimes the most abused object we own. This is because they are used throughout the day, and this is also why you should purchase a screen protector at AccessoryGeeks. You might think that your cover is enough to save your cell phone, which may be true for the back and sides of your phone, but the screen is what you're viewing the most.Having trouble deciding the type of LG Xpression Screen Protectors to get? Watch the Youtube Video belowAccessoryGeeks carries LG Xpression screen protectors that are high definition with a mirror effect. This is the perfect screen protector because you can perform a hair check, teeth check at a moments notice without drawing too much attention to yourself. Nobody will suspect you are using your cell phone as a mirror! The LG Xpression screen protectors at AccessoryGeeks are also anti-glare, which will come in handy for those days when you want to check your cell phone but then you get a flash of sun in your eyes! The LG Xpression screen protector can only assist in keeping your cell phone at its best. If you are worried that the LG Xpression screen protector will leave a sticky residue after you remove it, it will not. You can easily remove the LG Xpression screen protectors with no risk of ruining your cell phone. Your cell phone is important, so why not try to eliminate your worry over your phone and buy a LG Xpression screen protector today! With AccessoryGeeks everyday low prices and free shipping, you cannot walk away from an offer like this!

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