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Purchase some of the best LG Revolution screen protectors out there at AccessoryGeeks! Cell phone screens are prone to scratches, and what better way to protect them than with a LG screen protector custom cut to fit your cell phone perfectly. Cell phones are always stored in places where they are up against keys and other items that can easily scratch them up, and those scratches can hinder your ability to see your screen clearly, this is why a LG screen protector is essential! Revolution Screen Protector Buyer's Guide Hey guys. This is Dark Knight Geek and we will be taking a look at the LG Revolution screen protector page here at AccessoryGeeks.com. If you have an LG Revolution smart phone screen protectors are a great way to protect your investment. Make sure your screen is looking scratch free and as beautiful as possible especially with the smart phones these days especially with the LG Revolution. You have such a wide screen and such a large nice screen and you want to take care of that. You want to protect your investment if you are putting it in your pocket or if you are ladies if you are tossing the phone to your purse there is a number of things that can potentially damage and scratch the screen so Revolution screen protectors are a great and inexpensive way to protect your investment. So I will be taking you through this sort of the various screen protectors we have for the Revolution. This first Revolution screen protector is the antiglare model. The antiglare screen protectors have a slight frost to them. What that does is let's you are outside in the sunlight and you want to use your phone. The frost will help diffuse the sunlight so it doesn't reflect back to your eyes. Another reason why a lot of people like the antiglare screen protectors is because the frost will actually kind of hid fingerprints a little b it better than if you were just using regular glass or even just a regular screen protectors. And it is just, it kind of has a mat finish and I know that is some preference for some people. It is definitely something to consider. You have Revolution screen protectors that are just the regular kind. These are pretty much like glass screen where it is just real high gloss, very smooth than your standard screen protector. We also have a 2-pack of the LG Revolution screen protectors with a regular variety. It is a good value pack for— it looks like just a dollar more than the other one and also 2-pack for the antiglare screen protectors and for the LG Revolution. The last screen protector that we have for the LG Revolution is the mirror screen protector and basically this has a silver coating that when your phone is off it looks like it is a kind of like a mirror and then when you turn on your phone the backlight of the screen will actually cut through the screen the protector and you will be able to see your screen without any problems. These are the LG Revolution screen protectors that we have. We also have a number of universal screen protectors in various accessories like that. All this page just in case you might be able to do something for another gadget that you have, but these are the Revolution screen protectors and I want to thank you guys for kind of walking through the screen protectors with me. Once again this is Dark Knight Geek here at AccessoryGeeks.com. And remember you got it from a geek!111017 Revolution Screen Protectors

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