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Purchase LG Optimus S cases today at blowout prices! Protective cases for your cell phone is a critical part of making sure your phone will be sheltered from the daily abuse of everyday use. With the extensive selection of LG cases at AccessoryGeeks, it will be a cinch to find the best LG Optimus S case to fit your lifestyle and your personality! LG Optimus S Plastic Case Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Mario from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to LG Optimus S plastic cover section. Over here you can see we have quite a lot of selections for the LG Optimus S plastic covers. Over here we have the -- brand and the Luxmo brands. Luxmo is a really good partner of Accessory Geeks. We've been dealing with them for a long time now. But the whole purpose of having a plastic cover is to protect your phone and looking good while protecting it actually -- like we have a lot of different varieties, all the colors, even like leopard pattern, and the zebra pattern over here. They range from around $10 all the way to $15 usually. It helps having one of these covers because they're easy to install and as soon as you drop your phone accidentally or you scratch it in your purse or something it's these cases that are going to get hurt instead of your phone. You want to make sure that you cover, you protect that LG Optimus S of yours because you spent a lot of money on it. And also until September 30th we have a special promotion right here. If you enter the code at checkout, the code is "crowbar," you can get a free crowbar. The crowbars actually help you take off the cases a lot easier in case you have more than one case. Like I said these are clothing for your phones so if you're looking for an LG Optimus S plastic cover make sure to go check at accessorygeeks.com. This is Mario. You got it from a geek! LG Optimus Accessories

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