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Pick up a LG case for great protection! A skin is not necessarily the only option you have in protecting your cell phone. Sometimes, you only want a case to keep it safe while you are not using it, which makes the LG Optimus S cases an ideal fit for you!Watch this video to decide which types of Cell Phone Case fits you LG Optimus S Case Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Mario from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to LG Optimus S case section. Over here you can see we only have two cases right now because the phone is relatively new so we will have a lot more in the future so please check back with us. But in the meantime we also have four other subsections that follows under the cases for LG Optimus S. For example over here this is the LG Optimus S plastic cover section and this is the silicon skin section, the universal car mount section, and the universal pouches section. These all fit in the same category except for the universal car mounts because these are mounts for your car so you can put your phone where you can view them without obstructing your driving or anything. Sometimes you use your phone as a GPS device so you need somewhere to hold it. But for the rest of them they actually function just like clothing for your phone. They're there to protect your phone from drops and scratches and they're also there to make your phone look unique. So if you're looking for a case for your LG Optimus S make sure you go to accessorygeeks.com. This is Mario. You got it from a geek! LG Optimus S Accessories

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