LG Lucid 2 Cases

We get stoked every time we visit our lines of LG Lucid 2 cases, because these cell phone covers are so awesome. We’ve got silicone cases and hard cases. You can protect your LG Lucid 2 and make a statement at the same time. Check out our Ace Spade Skull design on a black rubberized hard case, our huge array of rubberized hard cases, or our black gems with white gems bling design. These precision-cut cases are made to exactly fit your LG Lucid 2. Like animals? We’ve got leopards and pandas on our hard cases. Do you prefer to be subtle? Check out our sleek, one-color silicone wrap makes with nice grip features in subtle or bold colors. We’ve got a hard case and holster combo with a kickstand and swivel belt clip. Accessory Geeks carries Trident’s Aegis Series hard cases on silicone covers with screen protectors made to exactly fit your LG Lucid 2. The silicone layer is on the inside in direct contact with your cell phone, and the impact-resistant polycarbonate shell is on the outside. You want to protect that vulnerable back of your smartphone, and this rugged case does it. Double-layered silicone corners provide extra protection to your phone’s edges, while silicone plugs and a clear screen protector keep moisture away from your phone. If you like the grippy-soft feel of silicone, we’ve got cases in neon green and enhanced crystal silicone in a variety of shades and designs. Or choose our handsome, reinforced Argyle clear crystal silicone case. Why so many colors and designs? We’re geeks, not robots, which means we don’t like to conform to limits on our creativity or yours. We vote for the best, biggest selection of top-quality cases. We geeks like satisfying every customer as much as we like fooling around with all our cool accessories. We’ll talk specs, colors, designs and enhancements all day long with you. Find the Click to Chat feature at the top of this page, and we can start talking right now.

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