LG Lucid 2 Batteries

Accessory Geeks has your LG Lucid 2 lithium-ion batteries, whether you want to use them as Lucid 2 battery replacements or backups, and who doesn’t need a backup plan? The LG Cosmos 2 replacement battery with a storage capacity of 700 mAH is affordable and works just like the factory original. At our prices, take it along on all your trips to avoid losing your power. This battery fits nicely into desktop chargers and holsters, and it doesn’t lose its maximum energy capacity from repeated charging or partial discharging. Or choose the LG G Rumor 2 replacement battery with a storage capacity of 900 mAh. This battery is molded to fit your LG Lucid 2 cell phone perfectly. It won’t lose its maximum energy capacity when it’s repeatedly charged or partially discharged. It’s 100 percent OEM compatible. It’s also a good fit for desktop chargers and holsters. Keep it on hand for those smartphone battery emergencies. You’ll also want to shop our lines of battery chargers and cables to keep the battery you’ve already got inside your cell phone from losing power. Our portable battery chargers will keep you up and running when you’re far from a wall outlet. Speaking of being far from home, check out our signal boosters, too. We carry a full line of accessories for your LG Lucid 2 phone, including cases, screen protectors, stands and mounts. We’ve even got charms to decorate your LG Lucid 2. We can talk the talk, too, when it comes to your questions about sizes, specs and materials. We know your LG Lucid 2, so call us and let us show off. Click on our live chat feature, dial toll-free, email or Facebook us. Our products are high quality, and so is our customer service. Got a question? Ask our geeks.

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