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It is quite a scary notion to have your cell phone die on you when you need it the most; therefore, the importance of taking into account your personal needs comes into play when picking out the right T-Mobile G2x charger for yourself. G2X Charger Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is the guide geek from AccessoryGeeks.com and welcome to T-Mobile G2X Charger Section. What I noticed from having our dummy phones at work is the T-Mobile G2X actually runs out of battery really, really fast that is one of the problems that I have heard so you need spare chargers everywhere so you have— let's say you need one in your office, let's say you need one at work. We have different selections over here like for example this one right here made from Verizon someone might sell it. The brand doesn't really matter. It is your preference and as long as the charger port is actually the Micro USB type it will fit the T-Mobile G2X so LUXMO is one of our favorite brands that we are carrying. Powermats are really, really good. Again, as mentioned it doesn't matter what brand that you choose all these products will work with your T-Mobile G2X and I know for a fact that you will need chargers in every places that you are frequent— your office at home. You are probably going to need like two different plugs I don't know in the kitchen or in your home office or on your bedroom. So you know it is always good to have a spare charger. I myself have like 5 different chargers one at home one for the living room and one for my car and one for my bathroom because I also have a phone that the battery runs out pretty fast maybe I should change to a new phone. Well this is the guide geek from AccessoryGeeks.com. You got it from a geek!092611 T-Mobile G2X Car Charger


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