LG Cosmos Touch VN270 Hard Cases

Let’s face it — cell phones are expensive. If you want to be sure that your phone makes it to the end of your contract or until the next best gadget comes out, you’ll want to choose a hard phone case that’s going to protect the device from common phone mishaps like drops, nicks, scratches and exposure to dust and water. Our huge selection of cell phone hard cases includes all of the most high-tech, heavy-duty cell phone cases for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and more, by top name brands like Trident, Seidio and Body Glove. If you’re looking for a hard cell phone case with a belt clip or other special features like built-in kickstands, you’ll love our huge selection of Seidio hard cases. For iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones or other super thin and fragile devices, Seidio covers provide uncompromised protection without making your phone so bulky and heavy that it won’t fit in your pocket. Seidio offers a great selection of tough holster cell phone cases made from durable yet flexible material that offers shock and scratch protection. Buying a hard plastic phone cover doesn’t mean you have to resolve to an all-black, military style look. We have artfully designed, colorful phone cases that are still super durable. Trident is another great brand for anyone looking for the best rugged phone cases around. Featuring stylish and forward-thinking designs, Trident phone cases offer a tough exterior made from polycarbonate and TPE to protect all of your phone’s most fragile, damage-prone areas. Trident phone cases are also eco-friendly and built with amazing features like dust filters and rain/wind protection. Other best-selling hard covers include multi-tool phone cases by In1, Tenergy phone charging cases, colorful waterproof phone cases by VASY and so much more.

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