Outfit your LG with a cover that can withstand all of life’s most common cell phone catastrophes, including drops, nicks, scratches, cracks, exposure to the elements and the daily rigmarole you put it through. Our huge selection of cell phone cases for LG phones includes cases for these LG phones and more: G3, G3 Mini, G Vista, Lucid 3, G2, Optimus M+, Ally, KM900, AX-145, AX-155, AX300, AX490, Banter AX265, Connect 4G, Chocolate, Chocolate Touch and Incite. Remember, Accessory Geeks is the cell phone case authority, so we’re always getting new phone cases in to support the newest, hottest LG models. Our LG phone cases/covers range from super stylish cases to heavy-duty cases made strictly for utilitarian purposes. If you’re in the market for cute LG phone cases, you’ll love our selection of brightly colored, rubberized hard cases that are incredibly affordable but also add a thin layer of protection to your device. These cheap phone cases are made with a reinforced, silicone skin to provide more durability and grip than traditional silicone phone cases. We’ve also got an LG phone case with a holster and a kickstand, a case with a built-in flip diary and faux leather LG phone cases designed for fashion-forward users. We also carry a great selection of LG phone cases for people with active, high-energy lifestyles. Made by top name brands like Incipio, Trident and Redshield, these incredibly durable LG phone cases will add a layer of unrivaled protection to your device in just about any environment. Rugged users love the Aegis Series cases by Trident or the DualPro Series cases by Incipio, both of which are made with a durable yet thin layer of polycarbonate plastic on the outside plus soft silicone on the inside to fully shield the device if it’s dropped.