Huawei Mercury Hard Cases

The god Mercury sure was one flashy dresser. Gold headband, toga, and gladiator sandals with wings? If you saw him today, you’d be sure he’s some hip kid who spent a ton on his wardrobe. Well, what if we tell you that you can be just as flashy with your Huawei Mercury for nowhere near as much as a hipster spends on clothes? Take a look, we have a Mercury hard case for every person around! Express yourself in such a unique way, and protect you phone while you’re at it! A Mercury hard case from not only means you’ll be looking cooler than those kids on Instagram, but you’ll have saved a ton of money because of our awesomely low prices and free shipping!You’re a unique person, right? You march to beat of your own drum, you stand out in the crowd and you aren’t afraid to stand up and say “I am a Geek!” Well, Geeky Geekerson, why is your Huawei Mercury so vanilla? Dress up that phone of yours with a Mercury hard case from some fellow Geeks! With a variety of colors, patterns and textures we have available, a Mercury hard case from is going to have heads turning! And not only are you getting an excellent way of expressing your personal brand of Geekness, you are protecting your phone from bumps and scratches! Have any questions? We Geeks are here to help! Just contact us via phone, email, or Facebook and while you’re there, don’t be shy, tell everyone how geeky you are by Liking us!

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