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Grab an HTC screen protector and stop those scratches in their tracks with low prices today! A cell phone is used quite a bit throughout the day, and it is not uncommon to place cell phones in purses or pockets. These places could seriously scratch up a cell phone, and the HTC cell phone screen protectors are important in keeping your phone's screen clear for you to be able to utilize it. HTC Status screen protector Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is Mario from and welcome to HTC Status screen protector section. As the name applies, it is screen protector actually protects the screen of your HTC status. Like for example over here these are the regular premium clear ones and look like just you know clear plastic film that covers the entire screen of the HTC Status. The whole purpose is to protect the screen so you know scratches or drops will not hurt the screen protector. Of course if you throw it around on your mat and you throw your phone if the screen get hit with something hard, it is going to break, but the screen protector will actually help it you know so your glass wont' shatter or whenever it cracks the little glass particles won't go fly around and we also have the other different types of the screen protectors like the antiglare so whenever you are out in the sun and you know you can't see the screen antiglare you actually help for you to view your screen a little bit better. And we also have the mirror screen protectors over here, as the name implies it actually works like a mirror when the screen is off. So if you are looking for something to protect your screen of your HTC Status please look for it at This is Mario at You got it from a geek! HTC Status Accessories

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