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Purchase an HTC plastic case to keep a grip on your cell phone with free shipping today! Many people do not realize how fast they can lose their grip on their cell phone, and this is the major reason why everyone should buy an HTC plastic case for their phone. The HTC covers at AccessoryGeeks are light weight, and they mold perfectly to the cell phone; therefore, it is not bulky and will service a great deal of protection to your phone. With the HTC covers, you will have a firmer grip on your cell phone because of the greater traction!. HTC Status Hard Cases Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is the guide geek from and welcome to HTC Status Plastic Case sections. Sometime we also call it HTC Status Plastic Covers. The whole purpose of the plastic covers is to protect your phone. These are easily installed plastic snap-on cases made out of plastic. Most of them or actually half of them right now are solid colors like over here and the other half are the designer ones and also these ones are called the rubberized plastic cases because it has a rubbery feel. While this one over here is just a transparent plastic case. You know it has that plasticky feel without the whole rubber. The purpose of the rubberized plastic cases for you to have an extra grip that is basically plastic covered with like some type of like a rubbery layer on top of it and you know I usually prefer the rubberize cases. Over here also you will see the design cases. At this moment we don't have a lot of selections because the phone itself is actually quite new, but I am pretty sure that later on in the future we will have more. So if you are looking for HTC Status plastic case or plastic covers please make sure to look for it at This is the guide geek from You got it from a geek! Status covers

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