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The notion of your cell phone dying on you can be a scary idea. With the extensive selections at AccessoryGeeks, you can find the HTC Status charger to fit your needs. From travel chargers to the HTC car chargers, you will not have to worry any longer. Save your money and your stress today with our free! HTC Status Chargers Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is Mario from and welcome to HTC Status charger section. If you are confused that we have so many different chargers for the HTC Status don't worry about it because the HTC Status actually uses a Micro USB charger. So if you have a Micro USB charger or you know you are looking for an off brand Micro USB Charger never fear that it will not work with the HTC Status. Over here on top we have of course the HTC brands like the home chargers over here the Universal Micro USB Travel Charger that will work with any HTC phones or actually any phones that has a Micro USB Charger. Now over here we have the Universal Micro USB Vehicle Chargers that you can plug into your car and actually for this one- and it has two different adapters, I mean two USB adapters so you can plug the second one or if you want to just use it as an adapter for any other phones that has a USB plug it will work including your iPod. And on the bottom here we have all the other brands like LUXMO for example over here. We have Powermats and we also have the non-branded ones as I go over here. I can assure you they all work the same way as long as it will fit the HTC Status charging port which is the Micro USB Charging port. It will work with any brand. So don't be afraid to buy the ones that are not the same brand, but the other reason why you would buy an extra charger is whenever your old charger is broken or whenever you want to buy you know an extra charger for your office or when you are traveling around and you are going to go on a road trip or something. So you would need an extra charger. So it is always good to have a spare one. This is Mario from You got it from a geek! HTC Status Accessories


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