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Every face could use a second skin when you’re all about protection from the elements. Our HTC One screen protectors feature mirror finish, anti-glare and clear film features. Our resident geeks at also are at your service before and after every sale. Our screen protectors are so thin; you won’t notice your phone is wearing one. They’re pre-cut for easy installation. Don’t risk wear and tear when it comes to your HTC One. After all, this is your face we’re talking about. What’s amazing about our phone screen protectors with mirror effect is you can check yourself out on a protector that doubles as a mirror when your LCD screen is off. Your phone will look good, and so will you. This skin is pre-cut to fit the dimensions of your smartphone screen, and it also can be removed without leaving residue. Installation is easy. Clean your screen and then apply-to-fit the first half-inch of your screen protector to fit the edges. Then apply even pressure to fit to the full front. Ban scratches and scuffs with our economically priced clear screen protector. It resists even fingerprints. The phrase crystal clear is our best definition of this HTC One protector’s best quality. Plus, installation is quick and simple. Who needs glare? Our anti-glare screen protector for your HTC One will keep away that bad daddy, while giving you all the protection you need against scrapes and nicks. This protector is also pre-cut for easy installation. You’ll apply it so fast; you’ll wonder what to do what that extra time. Check out our HTC One cases, charms and chargers. Know that you’ve got a whole team of geeks on your side. We’re all about customer service, which is why we’ve set up so many ways to let you get in touch with us. Call toll free, email or Facebook our staff. Use our live chat feature. We’re here for you and your HTC One

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