HTC One Data/HDMI Cables

Hey, what's up guys, JChun geek here with And if you are on this page you probably have the HTC One phone and at this page we carry different types of data cables and unlike other people we do carry a variety of different colors as well so you have huge selection to choose from and for me particularly my favorite color is red so I probably go with the red data cable. Here, the red and they're only on $3.99 on sale right now so definitely take advantage of that and it's good to also have other maybe people on the work in your office and want of people to differentiate your date cable from others then you can also buy it for that purpose. We carry every different brand that you can think, we have LG, Blackberry, micro USB data cables and it doesn't necessarily have to be an HTC data cable in order to work with your HTC One phone. They're just brand names so they are more durable, a lot better in quality and we do have them for great lower prices as well so you may have to pay just the dollar more or so to get a brand name which is pretty good bargain and I always highly recommend OEM, but you can't go wrong with any of the products that we carry since they all in pretty good quality and they all works as the same so do work to charge your phone and also sync data of course the HTC One does have the capability to do so which is why that will work and we have a variety of different cables so we even carry like flat data cables, so those are a lot easier to kind of manage and kind to keep organize and we even have data cables that come on different adapters so not only will it charge your HTC One phone, but it does have other adapters to maybe charge an iPhone or you know older model phones or things like that just in case someone else in your family has a different phone model so it's always good to have a spare maybe you travelled then certainly lost it then you can just purchase one of these inexpensive ones we have free shipping on top of that as well so definitely check it out. We have everything to cover your budget and anything that you're looking for from retractable cables to flat cables to colored cables so check it out guys and thanks for listening or thanks for reading. Alright, take care guys and remember You Got It From a Geek!

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