HTC One Cases

Although the HTC One is built with an ultra-thin, full metal body, it’s essential that you protect it from day-to-day wear and tear like impacts (because no one doesn’t drop their phone once in a while), moisture exposure and dust buildup. We’ve got tons of stylish and practical phone cases for HTC One, including the perfect HTC One silicone cover for easy-on, easy-off functionality or an HTC One hard case for heavy-duty use. Brands like Trident and Seidio offer exceptional protection for your device. If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable phone case for HTC One, explore our selection of flexible silicone covers. These products act more as sleeves or skins than full-blown covers, making them ideal for anyone who envisions needing to remove the case regularly without hassle. We’ve got silicone HTC One cases in a huge array of bright, eye-catching colors ranging from hot pink to neon green plus unique, see-through crystal covers for an intriguing look. We also carry tons of heavy-duty HTC One cases made from hardened or rubberized plastic. Seidio phone cases feature sleek scratch protection without adding much bulk to the device, making them a great choice for people who want to preserve the HTC One’s super slim design. These cases feature precision cutouts for full, uninhibited access to the phone’s ports, controls, speakers and camera. We also carry a selection of stylish and sturdy Trident HTC One cases that are made with impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic and feature an inner silicone core that acts as a shock-absorber if your phone is dropped or hit. Accessory Geeks also stocks bling HTC One covers and waterproof HTC One cases to help meet your specific style and coverage needs.


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