HTC Inspire 4G Hard Cases

Purchase an HTC plastic case to keep a grip on your cell phone with free shipping today! Many people do not realize how fast they can lose their grip on their cell phone, and this is the major reason why everyone should buy an HTC plastic case for their phone. The HTC covers at AccessoryGeeks are light weight, and they mold perfectly to the cell phone; therefore, it is not bulky and will service a great deal of protection to your phone. With the HTC covers, you will have a firmer grip on your cell phone because of the greater traction! Inspire Hard case Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Jay Chan from and today I'll be going over the buyer's guide for the HTC Inspire plastic cases. They can also go by hard covers. Either way they're going to provide some style and personality to your cellphone. So basically I would narrow it down to three different categories. We have our regular - here at the top you'll see our bling cases and then we have our rubberized types, some with pattern and we also have ones that are just solid colors for those who want to just keep it plain and simple. And then we have - let me look for the regular plastic ones - here's an example of a regular plastic case. It just has a glossier finish so it doesn't have that rubbery texture to it if that's not what you like. So as you can se for your HTC Inspire phone there's a lot of different patterns that we have available. This is a really popular phone and I know that it's pretty expensive so you want to keep it protected. I think the HTC Inspire phone goes for retail maybe $550 or so but either way you want to keep it safe and without any scratches. These cases will definitely get that job done. It's going to prevent it from dents and scratches when you drop it. Although the plastic cases may break it's still better than having your phone damaged so that's always something to keep in mind. And these cases are really great because you can take them on and off and you can change the cases whenever you please. They are a little tougher to get off because they are form-fitted and the cutouts are made phone-specific so as you can see there are cutouts for the camera and the flash and speakers and perfectly cut out for the front of the screen as well - as well as the top and side volume buttons. The bling cases, of course they have colored gems on them and they sparkle and you stand out a lot more than the regular cases. They do add a little bit more width but if you don't really mind then this might be the case for you. I personally like it a lot. Then we have more of a selection for the regular plastic cases. There are zebra covers and plant covers and also we have the regular transparent case and solid colors as well. Some we have textured - if you want to keep it pretty lightweight and without much bulk. I would recommend the regular plastic cases over the rubberized plastic cases. These ones are some different ones that we have. It's textured, it's meshed, so it's sort of see-through. It's pretty different and unique. We also have the Trident cases and these are more heavy duty so it's more ideal for people who work in construction or in environments where it might damage your phone more often than someone who sits in an office. So your HTC Inspire will definitely be protected because it's fully encapsulated in the case so everything is protected and it has the silicon on the sides and a hard plastic at the back so it protects your phone and it has shock absorption as well so it doesn't - it won't break as easily as a regular plastic case. Although the price is a little higher it's definitely more worth it because the case lasts longer and your phone will stay protected. They aren't waterproof though - must warn. And that about sums up the cases for the HTC Inspire cellphone so I hope the information that I have provided was helpful. Thanks guys and remember you guys got it from a geek! HTC Inspire Accessories

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Case Type
  1. BLING (1)
  2. COVER (9)
  1. HARD CASE (9)
  2. RUBBERIZED (12)
Product Design
  1. ANIMAL (1)
  2. ARGYLE (1)
  3. BUTTERFLY (2)
  4. DESIGN (2)
  5. FLOWERS (3)
  6. HEARTS (1)
  7. PLAID (1)
  8. POLKA DOTS (1)
  9. SKULLS (3)
  10. SOLID (6)
  1. $0.00 - $9.99 (17)
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  3. BLUE (3)
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  5. CLEAR (1)
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  7. GREEN (2)
  8. HOT PINK (2)
  9. PINK (1)
  10. PURPLE (3)
  11. RAINBOW (2)
  12. RED (2)
  13. ROSE PINK (1)
  14. SILVER (2)
  15. WHITE (3)
Product OEM
  1. LUXMO (2)
  2. MYBAT (1)
  3. TALON (6)