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Purchase a replacement HTC cell phone battery today and do away with low battery running time! It is definitely a pain to fully charge your phone, and then find soon after your phone is about to die. Batteries do have a shelf life, and if this is happening to you, it is clear it is time for you to buy a new HTC Inspire 4G battery. Battery HTC Inspire Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Jay Chan from and today I'll be going over the batteries for the HTC Inspire. As you can see there are three different batteries that we have available. The first one that you see here is the original HTC Inspire 4G standard battery and that one is made by HTC so it's going to be the same exact battery that comes in the phone that you have now. The next HTC Inspire battery that you'll see here is made Seidio and they're really known for making quality batteries and quality accessories so although the price is higher than the other ones it's definitely going to last you a long time and it gives you a longer battery life than the HTC OEM battery here. The next HTC Inspire battery is after market. It's not made by any particular manufacturer. It does have a lower battery life than the one that your phone originally comes with but it's great for having an extra battery in case you're not able to charge your phone in one day - multiple times in a day so these are some good options. The first, the one for $19.99, that would be ideal if you don't really use your phone too often and just need an extra spare battery to travel or for vacation or something like that. So this was the buyer's guide for the HTC Inspire batteries and I hope the information I provided was helpful. Thanks guys! Battery HTC Inspire

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