HTC EVO 3D Screen Protectors

Find superior protection for your EVO 3D screen with an EVO 3D screen protector. The technology HTC has provided you within this phone is phenomenal. You can surf the web, let your fingers dance across the keyword to send a text, listen to music, and even find a restaurant for dinner. Technology has advanced so much since we started this business and now you have all of this in the palm of your hand, ready to navigate with the tips of your fingers. Keep that screen protected with HTC EVO 3D screen protector!HTC EVO 3D Screen Protector Like we mentioned above, the EVO 3D comes with spectacular technology that wasn’t even possible a few years back. You now have to option to capture HD video and view it on a 4.3” display, plug into a TV and have it played in HD, not to mention wireless, GPS and Bluetooth capabilities. Indulge us, if you would, for a moment. Imagine yourself walking down a busy street, minding your own business, checking the latest news on your favorite site. For us, engadget or phone scoop would fit the bill. So you’re reading up on the latest news, when out of nowhere so kid runs into your phone knocking it from your hand. This all happens in slow motion of course, and while it’s happening you think well this won’t end up being that terrible. Until you notice that your phone is twisting and turning mid-air and as it nears the cold, hard, cement, the screen might land face first onto the rough, grimy, pavement. And then it happens. Your new EVO 3D hits the pavement screen down, skidding along the sidewalk for a few feet and finally comes to an abrupt stop on a mound a chewed gum. Painful right? This is a nightmare that haunts the Geeks here. Your new vibrant screen is now a painful reminder of what was once a bright, vibrant screen. Now, all that remains is a dull, scratched up, sticky blur of a screen. But wait! You picked up an EVO 3D screen protector last week for just a few bucks! OH MAN! Your screen didn’t get a scratch on it! It was just the HTC EVO 3D screen protector that got messed up! What a life saver! EVO 3D Screen Protectors Ok…so your life might not be played out like a drama, but the EVO 3D screen protectors really do have that kind of power; to save your screen in situations like these. Every EVO 3D screen protector the Geeks carry will keep the screen safe and sound from scratches, dulling, and cosmetic damage. The HTC EVO 3D screen protector is a thin layer of film that is cut to fit your phone. The EVO 3D screen protector will lay flush and stick well to the screen. The HTC EVO 3D screen protector does not prohibit use of the touch screen and does not leave a nasty sticky residue when you need to replace it or remove it. There are a few types of EVO 3D screen protectors like the clear, mirror effect, and anti-glare versions. Each stands true to their name. The clear one is not noticeable and you will forget it is even there. The mirror effect one shows your reflection when the screen is not in use. When the screen is activated, all you see is the screen and the mirror effect is not active. The anti-glare EVO 3D screen protector helps minimize the glare from the sun and lights so that you can see your screen without any problems. Pick up your EVO 3D screen protectors today. Your screen should be protected so that you can enjoy your phone in the months ahead. With the purchase of your EVO 3D screen protector you also receive Geeky customer support. If you need help applying your EVO 3D screen protectors, just hope on the phone or check out our video on how to apply a screen protector. This video is for the HTC EVO Shift, but the same technique is used for the EVO 3D. Get your EVO 3D protected today and remember! You got it from A Geek!

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