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Purchase your EVO 3D hard case today with great savings! Save with The Geeks during this rough economy on your HTC EVO 3D hard cases and other HTC EVO 3D accessories. The Geeks would also love to cover the cost of shipping. That’s right folks! Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. If you’re looking for even more savings on top of already low prices, jump on Facebook or Twitter friend/follow us and receive a coupon code for immediate extra savings. Hurry in today! HTC EVO 3D Hard Cases Buy the EVO 3D hard case that suits your personality today! You know how everyone loves to “make it their own” and to step out from the main stream these days? The Geeks have some ideas to help you do just that! First thing to do is to select an EVO 3D hard case that tickles your pickle. Once you have received it (with free shipping only from the Geeks!) grab your favorite color sharpie(s). You can then draw a cute design, put your name with your significant other’s name in a heart, or even tag it up with some awesome graffiti style artwork. OR, you can pick out the HTC EVO 3D hard cases you like, and send us your sweet design, name, or artwork, and have us engrave the EVO 3D covers for you! The HTC EVO 3D hard cases the Geeks have to offer are unique, colorful, and strong. The EVO 3D hard case is a strong shell that will shield your phone. Your phone is often tossed into your bag or backpack, slid across tables, stuck in pockets, or even thrown around in the car. Each of these places could be quite hazardous to your phone. Scars like scratches, dents, nicks, and dulling may occur and make the phone look older than it really is. And honestly, who wants to be carrying around a phone that looks like it has gone through the wash and been used for a game of kickball? Nobody. EVO 3D Covers EVO 3D covers are the perfect way to keep your phone safe. The EVO 3D hard case puts a solid layer of ABS plastic that is durable but thin and light weight. The EVO 3D hard case does not add bulk to your phone so that it still fits nicely into your pocket or bag without weighing you down. Getting the EVO 3D covers on and off of your phone is also a piece of cake (and the Geeks love cake). One click to slip it on and one click to take it off. It is that simple. HTC EVO 3D hard cases are also priced to sell. The Geeks truly believe that if you were to only buy one HTC EVO 3D accessory, that it should be a EVO 3D hard case. The reason behind this is because it does so much with so little. Like we mentioned above, it personalizes and protects. Without the protection, you might have to replace your phone. And personalization is just an added bonus and something that can make you smile on a daily basis, which the Geeks highly encourage. Purchase your EVO 3D covers today for superior protection, style, and cost only with AccessoryGeeks. Shop with the Geeks for a great experience every time. The Geeks will provide you with the latest updates on cell phone news as well as with the hottest cell phone accessories on the market. Thank you for choosing the Geeks for your cell phone accessory needs and we look forward to seeing you soon. And remember! You got it from A Geek! HTC EVO 3D Hard Cases Buyer's Guide Alright, the guide geek here with and one more time this is time bringing you guys the HTC Evo 3D Plastic Cases as you can see from scrolling down here we have a good variety of plastic cases for the Evo 3D. Lots of different colors, lots of different sizes, not sizes but different designs that you would be looking for, for your phone. So let me give you guys a quick overview here while scanning through so you guy can take a look at what we have. Starting at the top we do have a lot of these vines and flower designs, those are very popular. LUXMO makes some awesome gummy crystal silicone lining case with basically a hard plastic case with the outside layer that is silicone grade for non-slip protection. There you can hold on to it without having to worry about it sliding off your phone because some of these cases can be a little sticky there. Moving on to this next HTC Evo 3D plastic case, we have the perforated ones which are cool. They got a nice little design and it allows your phone to air out so it doesn't overheat or get too hot not that cases are custom to overheat but you know that is a little added protection if you want. We have of course our Bling Plastic case here that is really cool waterfall effect that I have actually seen before. It looks like a newer model we got in here kind of going from white to blue. You see there it is really cool. On the next issue, you see Evo 3D plastic cases moving down with this pink trim black zebra, everyone loves zebra I get called about zebra cases all the time. Just going down a little bit more to the LUXMO brand, the LUXMO does a lot of good cases here. Of course the rubberized cases and solid colors, now these rubberized cases they hard plastic so basically it is a very hard plastic case just like the other ones, but it is kind of thin layered silicone around them. Definitely something to look at if you want a hard case with that non-slip protection on there, great product we had and they don't just come in solid colors. So we have roses, we have white vines and leaves, and magenta. We have a lot of stuff here so let's keep an eye out for that rubberized name on there if you are looking for that particular kind of case. Then moving down we got a lot of designs here for Evo 3D flower petals on all those different types of pink there and magenta it is cool looking case. More of the bling stuff. Here we go talons are getting into the bling stuff. These HTC Evo 3D cases are really cool for you bling lovers out there. Keep on going down just bringing the guys case and cases and cases here and here is another one here that— a Fishbone cases are awesome because they are plastic and silicone mixed together so you got that grip you can hold on to but it has also got a hard plastic backing so it is definitely something to look at and that pretty much does it for overview of the HTC Evo 3D plastic cases. I hope you guys had a good time. If you got some information out of this and remember you got it from a geek!111013 EVO 3D Covers


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