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Looking for an EVO 3D case to keep your phone protected but still looking like a million bucks? Find the EVO 3D cover you need today at AccessoryGeeks. We are your one stop shop for your EVO 3D cases and EVO 3D pouch desires. Tired of looking all over the web for the best deals on the EVO 3D case you want? Your search is finally over! The Geeks have the widest selection of the HTC EVO 3D case you have been eyeing. Watch this video to decide which types of Cell Phone Case fits youEVO 3D Cover So what makes an EVO 3D case so special? There a couple things that the Geeks can think of. Number one, the shield your EVO 3D from everyday scratching and marks that will dull the sleek design of the phone. Number two, the Geeks carry a huge selection of EVO 3D cases with great colors, patterns, and prints. Number three, the most unique thing about the EVO 3D cover line up here at AccessoryGeeks is that they can be engraved. Yup. You got it. Engraved. Design a completely unique EVO 3D case or EVO 3D pouch that nobody, NOBODY else on the planet has. How awesome does that sound? Well this deal gets even sweeter… Not only can you get it engraved, but you won’t have to forfeit your first born or sacrifice an arm and a leg to get it! The Geeks will engrave your HTC EVO 3D case or EVO 3D pouch for you at minimal cost to you. And since we provide free shipping to the U.S. and Canada, you’re only spending a few bucks for a case that will astound your friends and wow your family. Let’s talk protection for a second. The EVO 3D case provides superior protection for your phone. The cases the Geeks carry keep the back of the phone completely covered. There is a small lip that bends around to the front side so that the screen is never flush with any surface. This keeps the screen from being scratched, however, for extra measure, the Geeks suggest that you pick up a EVO 3D screen protector. This way, your EVO 3D has all around protection against scratches, dirt, and grime that are lurking just around the corner to damage your phone. EVO 3D Pouch Every EVO 3D case comes packaged with our amazing Geek customer support team. Our customer support team is ready and eager to help answer any questions you might have in regards to your EVO 3D case or EVO 3D pouch purchase. Or it, could be totally unrelated to any EVO 3D cover, and just be about life. Either way, they are ready for ya! Pick up your EVO 3D cover today and remember! You got it from A Geek! EVO 3D Cover Buyer's Guide Hey everybody. The guide geek here one more time with this time going over the HTC Evo 3D cases for you. The Evo 3D is one of the bigger smart phones so you definitely want to take a look at getting it protected as soon as possible. For those of you that want to upgrade past the silicone and plastic cases we do have here the HTC Evo 3D cases the specialty cases as I would like to call them from the specialty manufacturers that have that extra protection on them and a little bit of design and there are a couple of models for you to take a look at from different manufacturers. But the first of here is the rubberized case and holsters stand combo. Now this HTC Evo 3D case is awesome because I get a lot of calls about, "Oh I have a case in my phone, but I want a holster for it or you know I want to put it in a pouch or put it in my belt and it is very hard to deal with. Most holsters and pouches are designed to fit your phone without a case on them. So it is kind of one of the other and you want to holster or you want to case or you can't really have both. While this product here solves that problem, you have the nice, you can see here the colored match holsters there so you got blue, you have blue and all that stuff and you can actually have any case and be able to put on your belt line holsters that is a really good product there for someone who is looking for both of those. Rare to come by so definitely pick that HTC Evo 3D case up if that is what you are looking for. Another manufacturer right here is Ballistic, I love Ballistic cases. They are when you think Ballistic when you think of it, you think of you know the Ballistic dummies that you shoot guns into. I mean that is where you get it from because these cases are heavy duty. They definitely do the job and they come with holsters on there too so again looking for a good protection case with a built in screen protector. It has got some plastic and silicone on it for shock protection and overall hard rough protection there that is definitely a great case to look for if you are going from HTC Evo 3D case. I'm moving down here and we have sports band these are great too. They are designed to be bigger than like the iPhones versus where it normally comes to it so they can actually fit your Evo 3D in there if you want to listen to music player for running around for all you runners. Body Glove here is expanding into the slide on cases instead of just their normal Body Glove cases here. It comes in silver and black that we have here definitely a good product if you are looking for good protection. Casemate here they do the same thing. We Pop! Hard case with kickstand definitely a good model, and the kickstand is awesome people love that especially you know it is a 3D and you are going to be watching 3D movies on there. I'm sure everyone has got Avatar on their phone already so you are going to want to pop that up there and sit down on the couch or put them in a table and not have to hold it up or drop with something else. That case is definitely what is going for you movie buffs and TV buffs there. I'm getting out of those Body Glove models, Casemate models. Moving to Seidio, Seidio is another manufacturer that makes really great cases and these ones actually come with a screen protector too so you are basically gettinng a case, you are going to get a holster that fits with the case like I said before it is a really big deal and you are going to get screen protector there that you can put on your phone all for $39.99. It is a great especially for a specialty case. Very, very good if you are looking for a premium high quality HTC Evo 3D case there. And moving down to the last of manufacturers we have, of course OtterBox. If you have been around or you have done any research on cases for phones and you know OtterBox is out there. OtterBox is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to HTC Evo 3D cases and cases for any phone for that matter. Then you have here is the impact series silicone case which is basically just a silicone case but it is one of the toughest pieces of silicone I have experienced with. So it is definitely good for those of you who want the plastic feel, but really want a good amount of protection on your phone. And here is a commuter series which as the plastic and the silicones if you want to upgrade to the next model there you go for that and I get the plastic and silicone mostly on there for your HTC Evo 3D case. And the last one is also Trident here and this is a different manufacturer who is also a leading brand it turns up the cases that they make, they make, they make great quality cases as well this is Aegis, which is one of their newer models and it is for the 3D so it has definitely got that plastic and silicone feel on it so you can get both of those how non-slip protection but it has also got that shock protection on there too, which is the big deal. You drop your phone and you want it to be shock absorbent and Trident does a good job with that as well. Along with OtterBox and these are the manufacturers here. It is like you can see we do have a big variety of cases available for the HTC Evo 3D and we also got plastic and silicone cases which we only got on so take a look and remember guys, you got it from a geek!111013 EVO 3D Pouch


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