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Buy the battery HTC EVO 3D needs to stay juiced and ready to use now! Don’t get caught without any power to make that important phone call. If you’re a talker & texter like The Geeks here at AccessoryGeeks, you will want to look into picking up another HTC EVO 3D battery. Our records show that the talk time is about 6 hours for the battery HTC EVO 3D comes with. That isn’t enough time to get your through a day at the office! Pick up HTC EVO 3D batteries today! HTC EVO 3D battery The battery HTC EVO 3D must have for you to walk around freely without it plugged in with a charger is now available. The Geeks want to make sure that you have the HTC EVO 3D battery you need to move around freely. HTC EVO 3D batteries will guarantee you hours of power for extra talk time no matter where you are. Are you scared to purchase aftermarket HTC EVO 3D batteries? Well, let the Geeks share some facts about the aftermarket battery HTC EVO 3D situation. Aftermarket HTC EVO 3D batteries are quite similar to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) HTC EVO 3D battery. The battery HTC EVO 3D comes with is memory effect free, as is the aftermarket battery. In a nutshell, this means that if you should drain the battery, it will not erase all of your data. This battery HTC EVO 3D fits into desktop chargers as well as holsters. The HTC EVO 3D battery is molded to fit the phone perfectly and adds no extra bulk to your phone. One big difference between OEM and aftermarket is the price. Aftermarket batteries cost less but perform just the same. HTC EVO 3D batteries The Geeks are here to answer all of your questions about the battery HTC EVO 3D needs to perform everyday tasks like making calls, taking pictures, texting, and finding how to get to the farmer’s market. We currently carry the HTC EVO 3D battery in black, as is the market standard. Since you don’t really see the battery unless you take off the EVO 3D cover color doesn’t matter too much in our Geeky opinion. Keeping your HTC EVO 3D powered up has never been easier. Simply swap the batteries out when one is drained and pop it in the HTC EVO 3D charger for a quick boost of power. Having a spare Battery HTC EVO 3D is perfect during natural disasters when power may not be available. Don’t get caught in the storm without a battery HTC EVO 3D needs! Shop today to take advantage of AccessoryGeeks free shipping to the U.S. and Canada and remember! You got it from A Geek! HTC EVO 3D Batteries Buyer's Guide Hello again geeks. The guide geek here with, this time bringing you guys an overview of the HTC Evo 3D Batteries and I know the Evo 3D is a pretty powerful device so it does get a lot of battery powering probably from no matter what you are doing especially with the 3D modes and all the apps and all that stuff out there. The biggest complain here from people is just my battery doesn't last long enough I need another one or I need new one or extended battery and stuff like that. So you come here to try to get as many batteries as you possibly can especially for the newer smart phones and we do have the perfect actually variety for the HTC Evo 3D batteries. So we will start with the original HTC Evo 3D Battery that is from HTC so this is the one that you are going to get from HTC that is their brand their model so if you are looking for the OEM one for the HTC Evo 3D batteries this is definitely what you are looking for and it is, I believe it has a little battery life and the one that comes with your phone itself because it is standard replacement from HTC. So that is definitely what you are looking for if you want to go straight to the OEM model or if you want to go and the other model we have here with just the HTC Evo 3D battery the standard replacement. This is a third party manufacturer. It works great with the phone. I got a little less battery life but it is really good for having a back up battery. I have relatives and friends who have batteries that they need backup for you know they keep them in their wall or in their car in a nice safe place or obviously probably wouldn't suggest leaving it in your car because that might be a little dangerous. But definitely give it a shot if you are looking for just a spare battery that you can hold maybe if you have got those emergency periods where you need it for 3 hours because you are out and you couldn't get to you car or something like that it is definitely a good and in the last HTC Evo 3D battery that we have is the extended battery. Now most people looking to not deal with an extra battery for HTC Evo 3D would be looking for this and this basically is a battery that is a little bit thicker than a normal battery. Usually, about a quarter of an inch or so give or take. But it also comes with an extended battery door so basically you are going to take off the back part of your phone and you are going to put the battery in there and it is obviously going to stick out further and you are going to put this door in the back of it so it fits it just fine. It is not going to be able to fit the standard that we have so you definitely want to make sure that if you ever get an extended battery come to the door, unless it is a special extended battery that has the, that's a normal size, but those are very hard to come by. So when it comes to HTC Evo 3D batteries the extended ones as well this will definitely go with what you can see here that it has a lot more power than the original battery usually anywhere from 40 to 80% more is generally what the extended batteries come with give or take again and it depends on manufacturer and all that in the battery life of the actual phone, how much power it drains, but you are going to get roughly about 40 or 80% more and you are not going to have to deal with you know especially now as often or at all usually this plastic throughout the whole day and we have got a problem. So those are basically the three types of battery that we carry here at AccessoryGeeks and they are all listed here for HTC Evo 3D and remember, You got it from a geek!111013 HTC Batteries

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