Accessory Geeks has all kinds of accessories for HTC. Incredible screen protectors, for instance, like the HTC One M9 screen protectors not only protect your HTC screen from scratches and nicks — they protect you from faux pas. These mirrored screen protectors let you subtly check out your hair, your face or your teeth while looking at your phone, so you won’t draw too much attention to yourself while attending to your personal grooming in public. This screen protector also offers antiglare protection so you can read and operate your phone in sunny conditions. Unlike some screen protectors, it leaves no sticky residue when you remove it, keeping the value of your phone high. We also offer many other high-quality accessories for HTC phones, including cases that are not only tough and sturdy but which look stylish and cool as well. We sell cases for HTC phones that are made from a variety of materials, including luxurious, fashionable leather and tough, durable plastic. We have professional-looking phone cases that are suitable for work and the office and fashionable cases perfect for stepping out on the town or clubbing. We also have holsters and pouches for people who are always using their HTCs for texting, emails and phone calls. Rather than constantly fishing in your pockets, simply carry your HTC in one of our good-looking pouches for comfort and easy access and good looks. In addition, Accessory Geeks offers chargers to keep your HTC powered up and batteries to replace your old battery or to serve as backups. It’s always smart to carry a spare, whether you’re talking about a spare tire for your car or a spare battery for your HTC, because things have a way of breaking down at the worst time. If you have a spare on hand, you simply switch it out and you’re back in business.