Blackberry Z10 Hard Cases

Hey, what's up guys, JChun Geek here with And if you're on this page, you have a Blackberry Z10 phone and you're looking for our hard cases. So, our hard cases are plastic cases, some of them are just the back case covers and if you want to find out if it is a back case cover you will see that it's stated on the title so be sure to look for that if you're looking specifically for back case cover. Otherwise, they would be a normal standard two-piece snap on plastic case. We have two different ones; the one is just our regular plastic cases that have more of a glossy finish to it. You'll see that there's a little more shiny as opposed to our rubberized hard plastic cases so don't be confuse for silicone cases. These rubberized hard plastic cases are still plastic and they still do snap on. They just have a thin layer of rubber coating that goes on the top to give it that nice matte type finish, it's a nice smooth finish. It almost kind of has like, here it is that look to it for some of them which is really cool. I really liked red and the rubberized red looks really really fantastic so I personally liked that and also because it is plastic and thin it keeps your phone slim. It doesn't add too much bulk to it, which is really cool. The rubberized one will kind of help with the grip. If you want to experience phone that kind of slipping out of your hand easily, especially the Blackberry Z10 is pretty thin and a lot of phones nowadays are and they tend to make them really slippery for some reason. So, in that case definitely I want to lean towards the rubberized hard plastic cases. They're average generally about $9.99 which is a really great price and we have free shipping on top of that as well whereas other competitors do charge for shipping so we do shipped free within the US and Canada so definitely take advantage of our service there and keep checking back on our website because we do have cases every week, all the time and especially for Blackberry Z10 due to its popularity, keep checking back. There's a huge variety of different patterns cases and colors to choose from. Get one for yourself and one for your friend, makes great gifts and you can't go wrong with them. So, take your pick guys and happy shopping and remember You Got It From a Geek!

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