Apple iPad 2 Screen Protectors

Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is Mario from and welcome to Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector Section. We have covered the hard cover section and we also covered the silicone case section, but this one actually make your iPad 2 even more protected. These are the screen protectors like for example this one is the Mirror Effect one, this one is the anti-glare one and this is the regular transparent film screen protector. What does it actually do it covers the iPad 2 screen without actually altering the heat sensor— the touch sensor on the screen. I protects your Apple iPad 2 screen from getting scratched so if anything happens to the screen protector will actually be the one that is scratch and you are only spending about $7 and more to protect the screen you know. You don't want ruin that retina display of your iPad 2 and with only $7 of investment on your $800 iPad it actually helps that you do put it on. One problem that I have while installing these is actually installing it, you know create a lot of bubbles but we do have instructions on our YouTube channel on how to install a screen protector on iPad 1 and iPad 2 and hopefully it would help you to understand better on installing these Apple iPad screen protectors. They range from $7 to $25. Right now we only have four products but eventually we will have more as you know that the iPad 2 is really popular and it is relatively new so we don't have a lot of the different varieties yet but rest assured that we are getting more you know newer and better screen protectors soon. So this is Mario from You got it from a geek!092611 iPad 2 Screen Protectors

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